PETER LAWRENCE is a graphic designer currently based in the Washington, DC area.






Peter Lawrence
B.A., Graphic Design
Washington, D.C.

graphic design. branding.
packaging. print media.
editorial design. type.

Pure eSports (logo)

January 2013

I was hired to design a logo for an eSports upstart called Pure eSports. The company’s mission is to provide high-quality gaming accessories and merchandise, coupled with sponsoring tournaments and other community-driven events. The client wanted a logo that was “edgy,” and represented the spirit of competitive and cooperative gaming. The shield shape was chosen for it’s strength, and the fact that it recalls the crests of professional sports associations and many of their teams, along with a faint reference to a popular “breather mask” helmet style common in many modern competitive games.

The four variations were created to maximize clarity across a variety of media while maintaining consistency in brand recognition–a simple two-color, a shaded variation, and the fully textured version. The last is for use in titling, with a simplified logo displayed with extended type, customizable to fit the client’s needs.